25th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning (TIME 2018)
Warsaw, Poland 15-17 October 2018

Accepted papers

1. Malek Mouhoub, Hamad Al Marri and Eisa Alanazi: Learning Qualitative Constraint Networks

2. Carlo Comin and Romeo Rizzi: On Restricted Disjunctive Temporal Problems: Faster Algorithms and Tractability Frontier

7. Davide Bresolin, Enrico Cominato, Simone Gnani, Emilio Munoz-Velasco and Guido Sciavicco: Extracting Interval Temporal Logic Rules: A First Approach

8. Pattreeya Tanisaro and Gunther Heidermann: An Empirical Study on Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Networks for Human Motion Recognition

10. Lewis Tolonen, Mark Reynolds and Tim French: Population Based Methods for Optimising Infinite Behaviours of Timed Automata  

13. Andreas Dohr, Christiane Engels and Andreas Behrend: Algebraic Operators for Processing Sets of Temporal Intervals in Relational Databases

14. Alexander Bolotov, Paqui Lucio and Montserrat Hermo: Extending fairness expressibility of ECTL+: a tree-style one-pass tableau approach

15. Malte S. Kließ, Catholijn M. Jonker and M. Birna van Riemsdijk: A Temporal Logic for Modelling Activities of Daily Living

16. Nicola Gigante, Angelo Montanari, Marta Cialdea Mayer, Andrea Orlandini and Mark Reynolds: A game-theoretic approach to timeline-based planning  with uncertainty

18. Daniel Kernberger and Martin Lange: On the Expressive Power of Hybrid Branching-Time Logic

19. George Athanasopoulos, George Paliouras, Dimitrios Vogiatzis, Grigorios Tzortzis and Nikos Katzouri: Predicting the Evolution of Communities with Online Inductive Logic Programming

22. Massimo Cairo, Luke Hunsberger and Romeo Rizzi: Faster Dynamic Controllability Checking for Simple Temporal Networks with Uncertainty

25. Przemysław Andrzej Wałęga:  Computational Complexity of a Core Fragment of Halpern-Shoham Logic

26. Laura Bozzelli, Aniello Murano and Loredana Sorrentino: Results on alternating-time temporal logics with linear past

27. Carlo Combi and Roberto Posenato: Extending Conditional Simple Temporal Networks with Partially Shrinkable Uncertainty

28. Luke Hunsberger and Roberto Posenato:  Reducing ε-DC Checking for Conditional Simple Temporal Networks to DC Checking

29. Luke Hunsberger and Roberto Posenato: A Sound-and-Complete Algorithm for Checking the Controllability of Conditional Simple Temporal Networks with Uncertainty

31. Marco Gavanelli, Alessandro Passantino and Guido Sciavicco: Deciding the Consistency of Branching Time Interval Network

33. Julius Köpke, Johann Eder and Jianwen Su: GSM+T: A timed artifact-centric process model

34. Georgios M. Santipantakis, Akrivi Vlachou, Christos Doulkeridis, Alexander Artikis, Ioannis Kontopoulos and George A. Vouros:  A Stream Reasoning System for Maritime Monitoring

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